This is the welcome page for Food Fun Recipes, a brand new food blog for anybody who loves good food and cooking recipes.

There are already countless food blogs on the Internet. You will know many of these food blogs. They are hugely successful web sites, with millions of Pinterest followers.

So, what is different about Food Fun Recipes? We have designed Food Fun Recipes, from the ground up, to be a commercial food blog.

The day-to-day oversight of Food Fun Recipes is by a professional food blogger.

Furthermore, we constantly update our knowledge of food blogging. The food blog environment is evolving. It is essential to stay abreast of all changes.

We are members of Food Bloggers Pro and recieve frequent news bulletins.

However, not all news comes from Food Bloggers Pro.

While Food Bloggers Pro is a great resource, there is more to being an exceptional food blogger than just knowing the technical stuff.

Starting a Food Blog

Food Fun Recipes Logo

While it is not my intention or the purpose of this web site, to discuss starting a food blog. I may well include the occasional post that might point you in the right direction.

However, this is the Welcome Page for Food Fun Recipes and we are delighted that you have made it here.

While this page is a “static page” by WordPress definition, it will not be a static page in reality.

This Welcome Page will also serve as the launch pad, for discovering new and exciting recipes.

So, when you are ready to don your pinny and put on your togue blanche, we shall be ready to get cooking in the kitchen.

Fire up the Food Fun Recipes Stove

Hold that thought! Yes, I would love to start cooking right away.

However, there is the small task of food preparation to take care of. Actually, web site preparation in this instance.

As all recipes featured in this blog, have to be researched, shopped for, cooked and tasted. The growth of the blog is going to be slow and gradual.

At this stage, we are only planning one new recipe par week. So don’t start banging on the table with you knife and fork.

All good things come to those who have patience, and a good appetite

Stephen Walker

The intention is to bring you the latest recipes here. Showcasing our latest creations for your delectation.

The slider at the top of the page is a really nice touch which I can use to showcase the newest of my recipes.