While this blog is under construction, there is always a temptation to write a blog post. I mean write a post just for the sake af adding a post.

A blog is a place where you write posts so, this should not be unusual. But, it is impoertant to blog only when you have something useful to say.

However, I do not have a clear blogging plan laid out yet. This is going to be a food blog and I don’t really want to be writing posts that do not fit into the recipe mould.

But, I do have my Statcounter code installed and this has alerted me to the fact that a trickle of visitor are making it through to the site. How can this be?

Well, I have published a couple of links, in preparation for going live with the site.

  1. Instagram Profile
  2. Foodbloggerpro Signature

And the visitors I have seen, have all come from the Foodbloggerpro link!

This is good, so I should take the opportunity to:

Say Hi to my fellow Foodbloggerpro students

I trust you are studying hard and learning a lot.

This blog is, at present, a very good example of how not to launch a food blog.

But, I am only playing around with the site, to get a feel for how it might look.

I have been a WordPress publisher for quite a few years but, I have not been keeping up with the changes in WordPress. Apart from the BIG Gutenberg move to the block editor.

I am just trying to get familar with the current WordPress capabilities and keep up with the theme updates.

In due course, this post will be deleted or overwritten. I will probably overwrite it so that I don’t have to worry about redirecting around the deleted post.

I am toying with the idea of having a standard recipe introduction.

How about:

Hi Food Fun Friends and Cooking Trailblazers

WELCOME to FoodFunRecipes

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