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Vegetarian Quesadillas Vegan Style are an easy option for lunch or dinner that is a family favourite! Filled with veggies and topped with an easy vegan crema.

This vegan quesadilla recipe uses just a handful of staple ingredients. You can also swap in your favourites or whatever you have in the larder.

Quesadillas are a Mexican style cheese-based flatbread recipe that will have the kids crowding around the dining table, baying for more.

A family dinner treat that is both exciting and healthy.

Sometimes I like to go all out with the filling and add some peppers, tomatoes, and guacamole. Other times, I like to keep things simple with a simple green vegetable and cheese filling. I also like to dip some into my cheesy crema on the side.

Everyone loves their Mexican food and a cheesy quesadilla magically made in the slow cooker is quick to prepare, cheap, and good! I love to cook up a storm and I love that I can teach you how to quickly and easily make simple meals at home. Quick meals like this are a really big part of my success as a busy working mom.

My velvety Slow Cooker Creamy Polenta and tender Slow Cooker Creamy Vegetable Stew are two quick dinner recipes that are family favourites. There are specific times throughout the week where I crave pizza or pasta, one of the simplest meals you can make is vegan pizza. It just requires some simple ingredients and a slow cooker.

Vegetarian Quesadillas

Vegetarian Quesadillas
Vegetarian Quesadillas
Source: Vegan in the Freezer

As she is in my son’s age group, my daughter prefers veggie burgers that use tofu or tempeh instead of meat. I find that she enjoys the taste and texture more when using a mix of both types of ingredients.

For lunch or dinner she will enjoy these burgers topped with sautéed kale, roasted potatoes, roma tomatoes, a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Again, another easy and quick meal that is filling, delicious and healthy.

When I cook spinach, or go vegan with my quesadillas I also like to make curly fries. Sometimes I add loads of tofu or seitan to my cheesy vegetable fries and some place in my belly.

I mean there is nothing better to warm up after a long day of work with a big bowl of cheesy vegan cheesy fries. By the way, they really are amazing!

We love how easy it is to freeze leftovers. My freezer is filled with freezer-friendly meals to eat later. I know you probably have freezer meals in your freezer that you would love to try!

Mexican Cuisine

Making your own veggie burgers isn’t difficult. The trick is that I like mine on the thicker side. Thin veggie buns work best but you can do thin veggie patties and even mini burgers too!

These vegan burgers use just a handful of ingredients and take a few minutes to preheat in the oven. They also are great coated in delicious vegan sour cream! Colourful and flavourful. Hearty and filling.

I know you will love these hearty meatless meals. My two go-to meals are lasagna and meatless meatballs.

Start with something as delicate as the sweet potato. Throw in the cinnamon, nutmeg, dried apricots and ground ginger. For extra star power, smash some oregano into the mix as well — great idea to use fresh this time of year!

And then add depth of flavour with nutritional yeast, nutritional yeast flakes and nutritional yeast paste. Use more — or less if you wish — depending on your own personal tastes.

I hope you enjoy these quick vegetarian quesadillas as much as I did. Much love!

How to make vegetarian quesadillas

I’ve tried and tested a bunch of vegetarian quesadillas making the yeast and tortilla approach work. The problem is that both take a long time to bake and cool down. And they leave the cheese building up inside the tortilla.

Tortillas are far better for cooking and help avoid the build-up issue. On top of that, they hold more flavor and moisture making them great to use for topping your quesadilla.

The finished product is almost always better.

This recipe is vegetarian. I marinated the chicken thighs in the juices from my lime and cilantro and added them to the pot.

Tortillas aren’t the only flavour-packed ingredient used in a vegan quesadilla. Onions, garlic, cilantro, and lime are the go-to spices. Microwave your own salsa, if you prefer the super-spicy flavour.

I like to add dried tomatoes to mine to give them a little more heft and brightness.

Some chefs boil their vegetables for longer to give them more flavour and quicker cooking time.

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Vegetarian Quesadillas Vegan Style